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Expand your business with the MP150 and begin the production of moulded/planed timber products. The MP150 is a specialized moulder head that planes rough wood surfaces smooth and moulds patterns to create columns or interlocking beams. 

The MP150 uses the same log bed as the LT15 sawmill, and they can be used together or separately. The MP150 head can be added to an existing LT15 sawmill and logs can be processed into a finished product without ever leaving the sawmill bed. After the log has been squared with the LT15 sawmill, the MP150 can then mould or plane it into the final product. 

The MP150 model features electronic up/down and variable speed power feed. Optional setworks make the moulder/planer ideal for log home timber production.

mp150 equipment

Standard Knife

Planing knife
Standard knife for creating finished, planed surfaces.

Trated log

Planed beam
Flat surfaces made by the standard flat knife.

Optional Knife

D-Face Moulding Knife
Optional moulding knife for creating D-shaped profiles on beams.

trated log

D-Face Profile
Log with D-Face profile.

Optional Knife

Swedish Cope Profile Knives
Optional moulding knives for creating Swedish Cope profile on beams.

trated log

Beam with Swedish Cope profile

Finished Lumber

Produce finished surfaces
Higher quality surfaces for finish carpentry.

Knifes Roller

Knife Roller
Profile knives slide in and lock into place.

Secure Roller

Secure Clamps
Specialised clamps for holding beams for cutting without damaging high quality surfaces.

MP150 video


Standard 4 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. material width 520 mm
Max. moulding / planing width 410 mm
Min. material height 60 mm
Max. material height 600 mm
Moulder Features
Standard Electric up / down
Manual crank feed
Optional Manual Clamp
Log Clamp Assembly (2 Side)
Power Feed AC 
Number of knives 4
Shaft speed 4890 rpm
Moulder Requirements
Normal power usage 10 Amp
Dust collection port size 100 mm

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