Designed to be an economical blade for high production environments, the SilverTIP blade has proven itself to be a proven entry-level blade, with many experienced sawmillers achieving very positive results using it on their breakdown mills and resawing lines. 

A standard, very flexible base material is used to maximise flex-life, and the teeth are induction hardened. This combines exceptional sharp life with maximum flex life in our SilverTIP blades for the secondary processing environment.

The SilverTIP blades is now available with VORTEX® technology.

Raw material Profile Thickness / Width (mm)
BS1735 10/30 1.00 x 35
BS1740 10/30 1.00 x 40
BS1745 10/30 1.00x 45
BS1750 10/30 1.00 x 50
BS2732 10/30 1.07 x 32
BS2735 9/29, 10/30 1.07 x 35
BS2750 7/39, 9/29, 10/30 1.07 x 50
BS2775 10/30, 13/29 1.07 x 75
BS3738 4/32, 7/39, 9/29, 10/30, 13/29 1.14 x 38
BS4745 10/30, 13/29 1.40 x 45
BS5775 10/30 1.27 x 75
BS7420 10/30 0.80 x 20

Vortex® Technology for Wood-Mizer SilverTip Blade

Wood-Mizer’s VORTEX® dust removal blade will CLEAR THE DUST from your cut like no other blade on the market. This EXTREMELY UNIQUE profile has generated EXTRAORDINARY results in high production pallet factory tests. PATENT PENDING and TRADEMARKED for its revolutionary design and results, this blade’s ability to leave only a trace amount of sawdust will leave you spinning and FOREVER CHANGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS of what is an acceptable amount of sawdust from a dust removal blade.


1.00mm x 40mm*

1.07mm x 32mm

1.07mm x 35mm

1.14mm x 38mm

* VORTEX SilverTIP available only.

VORTEX® Blade Industry Test

Vortex test 1

3g of sawdust

Industry Favorite Blade #1

Vortex test 2

2g of sawdust

Industry Favorite Blade #2

Vortex test 3

No Measurable Amount


VORTEX® gallery

Vortex gallery 1
Vortex gallery 2
Vortex gallery 3
Vortex gallery 4
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