Sawmill WIRELESS control

Controlling sawmill functions doesn’t always have to be traditional, with a sawmill operator walking along the bed and pressing buttons on the panel. If you need the freedom of moving around the sawmill and better control of the sawmilling process, you should try the option of WIRELESS control of your machine. This option is available for the LT40 and LT70 sawmills.

The wireless control system consists of a signal receiver installed on the operator panel and a wireless transmitter carried by the operator. The receiver and the transmitter work on the 434 MHz radio waves allowing for a smooth connection at a maximum distance of 100 m, in every weather condition (temp. range -25ᵒC to +70ᵒC), and around other wireless devices. The transmitter works up to 14-20 hours on one battery charging which is sufficient for controlling the sawmill for one whole day. The transmitter has been designed as a lightweight device with a comfortable strap hung on the operator’s neck. With the transmitter, it is possible to control the sawmill sawhead (except for setting the cutting thickness) and activate the sawmill bed hydraulics.

Controlling your sawmill with the WIRELESS option provides safety and work ergonomics but also comfort of operation - especially during unfavorable weather conditions. Did you ever have to work on your sawmill in windy and rainy weather or struggle with blinding sunlight preventing you from seeing the blade in the log well? These problems are gone now! Check out the WIRELESS option and control your sawmill from the most convenient position around your sawmill.