Wood-Mizer UK presents new products at APF 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wood-Mizer UK presents new products at APF 2016

More businesses are starting to realise the value of wood and looking for ways to exploit it using a sawmill. 

That’s the view of Wood-Mizer UK’s Dave Biggs who is pleased to see a rise in the value and recognition of timber from trees.  

Huge domestic demand for wood-burning stoves and a focus on industrial-scale biomass boilers – caused by the introduction of subsidies under the Renewable Heat Incentive – has seen the firewood market expand considerably in the past three years. 

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But Mr Biggs says that with sales of sawmills that he and his colleagues have been involved in over the past 12 months, there has been an emerging trend.  

“I’m pleased to see that some of our customers this year are making investments to try and produce more from the trees they are handling,” he said. 

“If you look at some of the wood that’s been taken for burning in the past few years, it’s a real shame. My view is that there’s some really nice stuff in the heart of these trees which people can do something great with.”
Mr Biggs said that there were a number of examples of customers – mainly tree surgeons – in England and Scotland who have bought machines such as the LT15 or LT20 to create a diversified income stream. 

Speaking at APF 2016, the UK’s biennial leading forestry event, Mr Biggs said: 
“For an entry level professional machine, most tree surgeons go for an LT15 because nine times out of ten they already have something to move the timber around so they can have an LT15 set up in their yard for about £6,000 and can start processing timber and producing products that people want.” 

Eye-catching edgers attract instant attention 

At the industrial end of production, Wood-Mizer UK had two exciting new developments to show to the industry at APF 2016. 

Two new edgers – the EG250 and EG350 – were on display and proved popular with visitors to the stand. Within hours of the show opening the EG350, which was making its UK debut, had been sold to a customer who was impressed with the large capacity twin-blade edger. 

“The EG350 has a maximum cutting thickness of 100mm which is something that needed to happen in the UK market,” said Mr Biggs, who added that the machine comes with two 8kW electric motors. 

The larger of the two machines slots in above the EG300 and below the EG400 in terms of price point, while the EG250, with a maximum cutting thickness of 60mm, offers a new entry-level solution. 

“The EG250 has manual operation and manual adjustment at a cheaper price point,” Mr Biggs said. 

Vortex blades leave little trace 

Efficiency is the watchword in any modern business, and the professional sawmilling industry is always keen to see new product development that improves quality and efficiency in equal measure. 

“Vortex blades are a break from the norm because this new design is a departure from the traditional straight-cut silver tooth profile,” Mr Biggs explained. 

“What customers will get really excited about is that it leaves next to no sawdust. We put them on an LT40 at APF to demonstrate their performance and the results were really impressive. 

“The current design is for a softwood profile and we see the gains coming for our customers who have multiple heads cutting six or four planks at a time. 

Sawdust left from a regular blade on the left. On the right, the surface after cutting with a Vortex blade - no measurable sawdust left!

“If you are cutting them and you have to clear them off before they get treated you are spending time getting them cleaned down. But with these new blades, the amount of sawdust left is hardly worth talking about.”

The blades, manufactured in the USA, are expected to be available from Wood-Mizer UK imminently. 

Mr Biggs added: “They’re so new that we don’t have prices for them yet but we are already getting enquiries about them.” 

LX range makes UK debut 

Also on show at Wood-Mizer’s APF stand was the new LX range. 

With a similar operating performance to the LT15, the LX is an economical sawmill with industrial capability. 

“It’s built for heavy and continuous milling and is ideal for millers who prefer heavier-duty construction,” Mr Biggs added. 

Petrol and three-phase electric versions are available with electrical up/down as standard and a 64cm cutting width. 



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