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TITAN resaws allow sawmillers to recover as much yield from each log as possible. 

Several TITAN machines bridge the gap between narrowband and wideband technologies in the small to medium sized sawmilling sector. This allows for a sawmilling solution that gives sawmillers the flexibility to either run wideband profiles for more performance, or narrow band profiles for those looking for a simpler blade maintenance process.

Wood-Mizer’s TITAN HR2000 resaw offers heavy-duty resawing capacity at a very affordable price. The affordability of the unit, the customization possibilities that it offers and the productivity that it gives, empower sawmillers to widen margins and extend efficiencies. Pneumatically assisted, powered hold-down rollers are matched with heavy duty slat-chain in and outfeed beds. The HR2000 resaw is available in a single or twin-head configuration to add depending on productivity requirements.

Single head configuration.

The ability to run blade widths that vary in size from 32 to 80 mm can be customized further with the choice to run spring set, swage set and Stellite tipped (65 to 80mm wide) saws on one head rig. If you want to run narrower (38 or 50mm) wide saws, this can also be done. When fitted with 3-inch stellite-tipped blades, this machine is more than capable of feed speeds in excess of 40m/min without wavering in the cut.

Twin-head configuration.

The unit uses the high strain TITAN column design to offer accurate, high speed resawing capacity and maximum versatility. A 350mm wide by 290 mm high throat provides adequate capacity to process sideboards or blocks and cants. The solid framed unit can easily be moved and integrated into an existing line.

Single head HR2000

Two single head HR2000 running in Tekwani sawmill in South Africa.



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