Wood-Mizer Europe wraps up 2021 and makes further plans for the future

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Wood-Mizer Europe wraps up 2021 and makes further plans for the future

With the year coming to an end, it is time to review crucial moments and plans for next year. In an interview with our Sales Director, Mr. Krzysztof Kropidłowski, we’ll reflect on the Wood-Mizer events of 2021, check the condition of the Timber industry, and look into the company’s next year’s schedule. 
2021 is another year that has been influenced by the development of pandemics. Despite the challenges, it has been a good year for the wood industry. The consumer market is showing a positive reaction to the growing demand for raw materials and timber products, such as construction timber, pallets, furniture, etc. Further proof of this is the delivery dates for Wood-Mizer products – the lead times are longer as a consequence of the increased demand for industrial machines which are used to make final Timber products. Consumers are aware of the increasing reality of inflation and have decided to renovate their apartments, build houses or invest in various real estate. They’re desperate to exchange money for consumer goods. „The sooner you spend money and finish your project, the less you’ll be affected by these pressures,” explains Krzysztof Kropidłowski. 

Wood-Mizer isn’t a direct manufacturer in the furniture industry, but a very meaningful supplier of the machines for this industry. „We manufacture the machines and equipment which is necessary for our customers. Currently, they use this time to expand their workshops, upgrade production lines, implement new solutions, simply – they invest now to secure a better future for their business,” confirms Krzysztof Kropidłowski.  

Into 2022 with optimism

The year 2022 is expected to be successful, while on the other hand challenging. The availability of timber resources next year for the industry and the reduced volumes which will be available at the timber auctions is causing a lot of uncertainty among investors. „The fact is, that there is a lot of orders, and the economy is still doing well, however, the inflation is eating into the profitability. For the manufacturing companies of the Timber industry, the operation plan will be set up based on the material availability. It will impact the decisions about company expansion or hiring of new employees,” points out Krzysztof Kropidłowski. „The next year will be interesting, however, full of challenges. It’s going to be another selection of companies. With the current challenges, many companies will have to be proactive in their planning.”  

For Wood-Mizer, the beginning of the next year looks positive, taking into consideration the number of customer orders awaiting production. The unfortunate reality though is with the volume of orders and production challenges currently found, longer lead times than normal for production. Wood-Mizer is one of very few companies in the region, that has expanded its infrastructure further by building a new production facility, which was opened in April 2021. As a result, further workplace positions have been created for the local people, while at the same time increasing its production, research, and development potential. „Although the global manufacturing industry has suffered from raw material shortages, our company handled this situation well. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but overall, I think we’ve done reasonably well managing our company. Our planning strategy turned out to be correct, as we’re entering the next year with excellent sales results from 2021 and a long list of customer orders for the 2022 year,” says Krzysztof Kropidłowski.

New production and office hall and more organic growth 

Wood-Mizer is looking forward to further expanding its infrastructure in 2022 by building another production and warehouse hall while continuing to recruit new employees to work in various departments. The total floor area of the new facility will reach 10 000 m2, of which about 3 000 m2 will be reserved for a modern warehouse with five loading ramps, high-storage racks, and an automated carrier system. In the new hall, there’ll be enough production space for the bandsaw blades production and for the research and development department.   

Wood-Mizer also continues to invest in the expansion in the local markets on other continents. In Asia, Oceania, and Africa, Wood-Mizer is opening new offices which will help the company to reach local customers, creating opportunities for them to grow while being offered local customer service. „We need to be aware of new climate programs and environmental restrictions which are aimed at curbing excessive and illegal deforestation. More raw timber material is going to be available locally with restricted exports of this product, opening the demand further for wood processing in these markets. Local investors will probably look for a band sawmill to buy, and in the future perhaps for other machines from the Wood-Mizer offering,” explains Krzysztof Kropidłowski. „Wood-Mizer is going to continue to open new dealer offices and grow organically. We’re going to go places where nobody has ever gone before!”   



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