Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Swedish Homestead: How to Harvest Dead Trees

How should you manage your forest? Simeon Fuchs discusses the benefits of harvesting dead trees and his philosophy of environmental stewardship vs. abandonment.
With more than 18 hectares of dense woodland comes responsibility for Simeon and his family. Simeon and his brother, an arborist, realize the importance of environmentalism. Practicing good stewardship of his land, Simeon frequently studies the forest and discovers places where older trees have grown so dense that the younger, more vibrant trees have no room to grow—and if they do grow, they die after only a few months.
To solve the issue, Simeon and his brother harvest the taller dead trees that shade the sun from shining on the younger trees. Immediately, the younger trees began to flourish and boost their immune system, which allowed them to grow and live longer. “I began to see plants and flowers growing that I’d never seen before,” Simeon explains.
In this video of Swedish Homestead, Simeon Fuchs explains how good stewardship of their land positively impacts nature and their lives on the farm.



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