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How To & Tips

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Cut Down a Tree Safely and Precisely

Simeon Fuchs shares safe and proven techniques used by traditional Swedish loggers to harvest large trees. Having logged for more than ten years, Simeon attributes his...

Swedish Homestead: How to Operate a Wood-Mizer Sawmill Outdoors in...

In this video, Swedish farmer Simeon Fuchs explains how the LT40 hydraulic sawmill helps his farm stay profitable every season. After 15 years and 5,000 hours of milling,...

How To Saw in Cold Weather

Whether we like it or not, winter weather is inevitable, but that doesn't mean you have to put the "freeze" on sawing. As colder temperatures arrive and logs begin to freeze,...

How to Adjust Blade Guide Rollers

Blade guide rollers add extra precision and stability to bandsaw blade while cutting. They also control blade position relative to the sawmill bed. To check if your blade guide...

Winter Sawing Tips

With the colder winter temperatures, logs begin to freeze. Here are some helpful reminders to compete with the sawing challenges faced by sawyers during the harsh winter season.