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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Woodworking factory in Slovenia relies on Wood-Mizer sawmills

I am Jože Moric, director of Moric Carpentry from Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. For me, wood brings a sense of warmth and style into an interior environment. Anyone who loves wood should choose a profession in woodworking!

I chose a profession in carpentry in 1981 because I really liked it and I think I made the right decision. I went to carpentry school in Maribor which had a three-year vocational programme.

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Our beginnings were very humble. My workshop was only 4x9 metres! I used a moped to meet flooring and doors customers… Later, I decided to purchase some woodworking machinery.

My vison was to improve and upgrade my company gradually, and then with hard work I would obtain higher profitability for individual timber products. I started realizing that more people wanted my products, so I expanded and began hiring new employees - only one at first, then two, three and more. At first we were limited by our production equipment, but we gradually upgraded.

Our primary focus is interior woodwork. The machinery and our processes enable us to make anything - kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, offices... Additionally, we also offer interior design services to local companies.

We design our products ourselves - kitchens from solid wood, chipboards and veneered boards as well as kerrock panels. Of course, we also make office equipment, staircases, doors and other carpentry products in general, like furniture and windows.

The biggest obstacle was procuring the proper machinery. It’s impossible to get everything you need overnight - it takes years and years. In our case, it took around 27 years to procure what we have now, and we’re still not done.

Our timber is acquired from local forest owners and forestry companies. Our process in the workshop begins with logs - the raw material - and continues with sawing, shaping, crosscutting, planing and ends with final wood processing.

I use Wood-Mizer sawmills because of their quality, mobility and optimal use of timber without excess waste. With this sawmill, we were able to consistently use the whole log, which means that an entire solid product is made from one log.

When the logs are sawn into planks, we sort them and stack for drying.  When the wood is ready, it is cut and planed. Then it passes through the milling process and various intermediate treatments, shaping, CNC processing, edge processing. Finally the workpiece is coated with varnishing, wax or oil finish before it can be assembled.

Our clients appreciate competence, quality and, of course, the warmth of their home after we help them to achieve the interior furnishing desired. We take all measurements on-site and advise them on the products best suited for their living environment. Ultimately, our clients are very satisfied with the final product once it is in their home.

I would recommend working with solid wood because it brings a sense of warmth. It's a raw material you can obtain locally and it can be used in such a way to bring satisfaction for generations to come. 



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