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Thai Pallet Company Doubles Productivity with One Wood-Mizer Resaw

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Thai Pallet Company Doubles Productivity with One Wood-Mizer Resaw

“We have customers all over the world that come to us with their needs, and we design pallets to those exact specifications,” says Pichit Chiamcharoen, the company manager. “We have produced hundreds of variations to meet our customer requirements. “Your factory is a reflection of how you do business. When you come to my factory, you see that we are creating a clean and low-energy factory, and we use machines that are high quality and use modern technology.”
One specific area of efficiency improvements was the initial timber processing. In 2018, two of their vertical bandsaws were replaced by one Wood-Mizer HR500 four-head resaw.
“The problem with the vertical bandsaws was that productivity was not good,” Pichit says. “Each vertical bandsaw required two workers to produce only one board at a time.
“But after we installed the Wood-Mizer, we’re producing 4 boards in one pass. Productivity has doubled, but our energy consumption has remained the same. As a result, I think the ROI of the HR500 is actually very fast.”
Regarding the new thin-kerf Wood-Mizer blades, Pichit shares - “Wood-Mizer blades give me better surface quality than the four-inch and two-inch vertical bandsaw blades.”
This company is a good example of how forward-thinking pallet companies in Thailand can make smart decisions to improve productivity while improving their competitiveness in the global marketplace.



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