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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sawmilling success for Swiss hotel owner in the Alps

Grindelwald and Eiger
By Cristo Vlahos - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

“I'm Ueuli Wagner and I live with my wife and two sons on the edge of the forest in the town of Grindelwald. We run a Bed & Breakfast and a guest house. We have a small farm and do a lot of forest-related work.”

“What is unique about our location is that we are situated above Grindelwald, here in pure nature. I would not want to live anywhere else.”

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Ueuli’s bed and breakfast is situated on the mountainside, right next to cable cars that take people from the town to the top of the mountain. They serve people all year round, and the interior of the hotel radiates warmth even on the coldest days, thanks to the extensive use of golden wood throughout.

“I bought the Wood-Mizer sawmill so that we can cut our wood ourselves. It takes a lot of wood to maintain all our outbuildings. And for our furniture projects we need raw timber as well.”

“It just makes sense. You get practically nothing selling the trees, so we saw and utilize them ourselves.”

“My LT20 has setworks, and I initially thought I would not be able to learn how to use it, but if you practice with it a little - it works great. On a Wood-Mizer you don’t need to be afraid of the computer. Even an old man can use it successfully!”

“We use the sawmill to cut a variety of things – slabs, square timbers, and anything we need. You can make the most of your high value timber, and cut everything right on the sawmill.”

In addition to mobile sawmilling for himself and neighbors, Ueuli also is a beekeeper and produces his own honey, as well as raising rabbits, and furniture restoration.

“Initially we made our beehives with prefabricated wooden panels. But now that we have a Wood-Mizer, we produce the wood for the beehives ourselves.”

“You often need to invest in agricultural machinery, tractors and vehicles. Take some money and invest in a niche product that you enjoy using and makes sense for your business. I think a Wood-Mizer is a really good investment.”

“For me, sawing is fun. For me, sawing is like my hobby, we do not do it on a commercial scale. For me, it is even a way to relax.”





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