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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sawmilling Ice for Dutch Parties and Events

The King of Ice. That’s what owner of The Rocks Ice Company, Daniel VanTongeren, calls himself. The Rocks provides extravagant ice sculptures, ice blocks, catering, and more for prestigious events, clubs, restaurants, and hotels around the Netherlands.

Delighting your guests with masterful ice sculptures may not be the first idea that crosses your mind when planning an event, but The Rocks puts a brand new perspective on high-class entertainment. The company has found creative ways to use the simple delicacy of ice, whether it’s an intricately carved swan serving as a centerpiece, or an elegant bar infused with dry ice that stays cold all evening long. 

“Customers mostly expect speed, timely deliveries, and the best quality,” Daniel says. The Rocks always ensures that ice cubes are cut crystal-clear and square, and their creative artwork is never lacking.

The Rocks cuts their own ice blocks with a special machine manufactured by Clinebell, an industrial ice equipment distributor. With the machine, The Rocks is able to make two ice blocks simultaneously, which takes around four days to complete. The machine extracts lime from the water, and once finished, the segments with lime must be sawn off.

In order to trim the ice, The Rocks purchased a Wood-Mizer LT15. The sawmill is able to cut slabs of ice as thick as 2-3 cm, or as thin as 1 cm. “It’s very precise work,” Daniel says, “But the Wood-Mizer is great to work with. It allows us to saw any size and shape we need.”

The Rocks started with little know-how, but a lot of ambition. After taking over a company that specialized in large ice blocks, Daniel purchased his first Wood-Mizer. “We taught ourselves how to saw,” Daniel explains, “And the rest is history. The machine is very easy to operate, and we use it for relatively simple purposes.”

Although Daniel may very well be the King of Ice, he has more to offer than just his beautiful ice masterpieces. On his free days, Daniel loves to motorbike across the Dutch countryside. “Riding across the Netherlands brings me very close to nature, the outdoor life,” Daniel says. “I love nature. It’s peaceful and quiet.” The home of The Rocks was originally built for Daniel and his motorbike friends as a Friday night hangout, and since then has become “the hobby room” of their motor club.

To learn more about The Rocks, visit their website here: https://therocks.nl/ 



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