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Mobile house built by German sawmiller

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mobile house built by German sawmiller

Norbert Grabinger from Steinberg am See, Germany built this mobile house with larch and pine cut on his LT15 sawmill.

The sawmill is located on another property because he does not have enough space at his house. Many times he is cutting wood 2 to 3 days at a time, so with the new construction trailer, he can now stay the night at the cutting site.

All the wood for the project was cut with the LT15. All finishing work he did in his workshop with his planer and milling machine. He cut the boards with the LT15 to a 28 mm thickness, and then planed them down to 24 mm.

The frame is a post and beam construction. From the outside and the inside, no screws are visible because tongue and groove boards were used.

He works part-time with the sawmill, cutting mainly for local timber construction companies. Mostly cutting 10x8 cm beams and boards of 24mm thickness.

“The sawmill has long since paid for itself.”



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