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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Malaysian family business operates LT70 Remote Sawmill

Jazlan Gazali from Terranganu, Malaysia shows us his LT70 Remote setup.

Wood-Mizer’s LT70 Remote integrated sawmill systems give you everything you need to process logs into finished boards more profitably with minimal expense and labour.

The Remote configuration pushes the production capacity of the LT70 to the absolute maximum with a Remote Operator Stand and adds a full range of conveyors and tables for moving logs to the sawmill and boards further down the line. All sawmill controls are centrally located and the operator has every control within easy reach at all times.

The lines can be configured to match the needs of individual businesses, and as shown above, a typical system includes:

• Log Deck - for staging and loading logs
• Incline Conveyor - for transporting slabs and boards
• Transfer Table - quickly directs waste, finished boards, and slabs for edging in three different directions.
• Edger Multirip - for edging boards
• Roller Tables - where needed

The LT70 Remote sawmilling systems deliver maximum production using Wood-Mizer’s orange line of sawmills. The productivity, higher log yields, affordability and low operating costs make these systems very viable solutions.



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