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Increasing productivity by upgrading to hydraulic sawmills in Romania

Monday, February 22, 2016

Increasing productivity by upgrading to hydraulic sawmills in Romania

Vasile Craciun from Lunca Bradului, Romania manages his family timber business that is now twenty years old. He employs 50 people, and uses six sawmills – three vertical bandsaws and three Wood-Mizer sawmills.

In 2011, Vasile added a Wood-Mizer LT20B sawmill to their production line – their first Wood-Mizer sawmill. The purchase allowed him to add another sawmill while keeping his investment quite low. On this sawmill, logs are manually loaded, turned, clamped, and otherwise manipulated by workers during the sawmill process.

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“It was a good sawmill to start with,” Vasile shares. “I’m glad we bought that at the beginning – low cost equals lower risk taken. With the LT20B, we were able to get accustomed to how Wood-Mizer sawmills operate, how to maintain them, and how we could really benefit by incorporating more of Wood-Mizer’s sawmill technology. The Wood-Mizer sawmills produce high quality timber that we’re able to sell at a good price.”

But there was one important aspect of the sawmill that Vasile knew was limiting them from achieving the full potential of the new style of sawmilling – the manual log handling.

“With orders increasing, we knew we had to improve our productivity,” Vasile shares. “Turning and loading each log manually eats up a lot of time, and at the end of each working day, my employees were very tired. We had to resolve these issues.”

In 2012, Vasile bought a Wood-Mizer LT70 Super Hydraulic sawmill, the most powerful and fastest sawmill in Wood-Mizer’s Professional range of sawmills.

“The fast hydraulics really helped my staff improve their productivity,” he shares. “And the cutting speed is fantastic. The LT70 is processing around 1.5 cubic metres of wood each hour.”

Vasile’s business also uses a lot of sawmill blades (approximately 300 blades annually), and so he incorporated Wood-Mizer’s BMS500 industrial blade sharpener and BMT250 toothsetter. The sharpener is fast and ensures the highest quality sharpenings available, while the toothsetter maintains the set of the saw teeth.

Vasile also installed a EG300 board edger from Wood-Mizer, with two circular sawblades, laser sights, and a separate control console. The edging process is managed by a team of female employees. And Vasile has a very good reason why that is.

“Women are very attentive. When they stack timber, they always can be relied on to monitor the quality of every board, and never does a bad board pass their inspection. 85% of our products are exported to construction companies in Dubai. My customers are happy with our quality, and the orders keep coming in.

In 2014, Vasile sold the LT20B and replaced it with a hydraulic LT40 sawmill. “I’m happy we decided to incorporate the hydraulic sawmills. What used to be difficult and time consuming is now handled easily by the hydraulics, and we can say that it’s due to Wood-Mizer’s sawmills that we have been successful and all our workers still have jobs here.”



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