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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to - Uncoil Sawmill Bandsaw Blades

Coiling and uncoiling bandsaw blades needs to be done correctly. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to proper blade folding. ALWAYS REMEMBER to wear gloves and eye protection when handling blades in addition to keeping others at a safe distance when coiling or moving blades.


Uncoiling the blade:

  1. Take the three-loop coil in your right hand.
  2. Find the loop that creates a figure eight, and pull down with your left hand.
  3. The top two loops will form a cross
  4. Whichever blade loop is on top, hold with your right hand. Hold the other loop with your left.
  5. Hold the blade out and away from you. Slowly move your hands apart while rotation your forearms down and outwards.
  6. Your blade is successfully uncoiled.



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