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Friday, August 3, 2018

From Tree to Table: A Wood-Mizer Sawmill Owner Builds his First Table


When Nathan Elliott attached the top of his table to the base, he was finally able to see the results of his hard work. "I would usually sell the lumber to other woodworkers and not see the results of my initial labor," said Nathan. Having his own Wood-Mizer hydraulic sawmill allowed Nathan to hand pick, harvest, and mill the logs used to build his first table.


Nathan's rustic style table features a white oak quartersawn top with black walnut legs. "After rough milling the lumber into the finished dimensions, I completed 90% of the table’s joinery and finished with only hand tools," said Nathan. "This was my first, large woodworking project,” said Nathan. “I had always wanted to start building farm tables. This build raised my confidence and has led to other projects.” Nathan’s table has been well-received and earned the People’s Choice Award in Wood-Mizer’s 2017 customer contest with more than 1,500 public online votes for his project. Nathan’s friends knew he owned a sawmill, but were surprised to see his new creation and intrigued that he was also able to build beautiful furniture. The table has given his business a boost of profitability and has led to more requests for woodworking projects first of all from his wife.


The growing popularity of the rustic style is an art form many woodworkers have been perfecting for years, but the “Tree to Table” process is truly special. "Anyone can buy lumber, but to have the knowledge and ability to saw the lumber out of a log, for a specific project, is something few can say they have done," said Nathan.



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