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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Father of two-time Olympic Gold Medal Champ talks up his Wood-Mizer Industrial Sawmill

Guntars Strombergs bought a Wood-Mizer Industrial sawmill (the LT300 model, which is now known as the WM3000) for 11 years.

“I saw this sawmill at a show, and then also I watched it in action at a nearby sawmilling company,” said Guntars. “Since I bought it 11 years ago, it saws 24/7 in three daily shifts cutting birch. We dry the lumber ourselves, and then the timber is exported to China, Japan and England. It’s a reliable sawmill!”

Guntar’s small town of Valmiera is known throughout Latvia for its BMX training track. Guntar’s son Maris Strombergs trained on the track since his childhood and has gone on to become an international BMX star – winning Olympic gold medals in Beijing in 2008 and in London in 2012.

In numerous interviews and on his website, Maris Strombergs always notes that his achievements are due to the encouragement and support of his parents. Guntars allowed Maris to begin training at the age of six, and Maris won his first world championship at the age of nine. Since then, they have traveled around the world together so that Maris can participate in competitions and continue training.

Maris’ nickname in the BMX sports community is ‘The Machine’… so it seems there are two machines in the family!




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