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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"At first, there was just an octagonal dream"

By Martti Kirsitie


Many of us have dreams of owning a holiday house, a summer cottage perhaps, or a chalet for winter sports and unrushed after-ski sittings by an open fire, a place where to go whenever your personal antennae are telling you that you might be in the need of a leisurely break, lifting your feet up for a day or two.

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So had our friend John such a dream, too. But when most of us would be fully happy with a house with four walls and a roof - that most definitely was not the case with John. He wanted an octagonal house, made up of aspen logs.


Well, what he wanted he also got. His octagonal holiday cottage, some 120 square meters by size, is standing at the center of a little island, owned, as well as the immediate surroundings, by John. The house may not be particularly high, but even so its unique location and grand presence make it look like a beacon or a watchtower, controlling the neighbouring sea in all directions.


And this was the very first time John Ujanen, an entrepreneur and manufacturer of plastic components, came to deal with Wood-Mizer band sawmills. Being a genuine perfectionist with any technical aspects, keen to get everything right - truly right, not just nearly right – John wanted a special saw that would help him reach the best possible finish with his mighty aspen logs. And the Wood-Mizer LT15 did exactly that for him: ensured the flawless finish he wanted - thanks to the sawmill´s precision blades and excellent handling.


But all this proved to be just an overture. Just a few years later, there was a very determined knock on the door of Howard Blackbourn, Wood-Mizer´s Finnish agent and dealer. When Howard opened the door, what he found was Mr Ujanen, standing there, with a rather

special twinkle in the eye.


"I´d like to buy one", said John, "one of these saws of yours, the same type of a band saw we used for the sawing of those aspen logs for my holiday cottage." Very typical John, a man with no habit for small talks.


"Well, all right, great!", replied our local man Howard, having just completed his probably quickest sawmill deal ever. "What are you up to, my friend?"


"I´m going to build a bigger house, many times bigger in fact, to make it my principal residence. This new house will also be octagonal by form and made of massive aspen logs. So the best possible precision and outstanding finish are simply pivotal for making the project succeed."


And so John, a man used to getting (at least most of) his dreams turned into reality, is just about having his dream house project completed as we speak. How John´s ´Villa Aspen´ looks like, can be seen in the attached photos - not the most common house design to get in sight, eh?


"Well, how did you find your LT15 this time, John? Happy with the results?"

"Perfectly happy, I´m happy to say. You very often have to be prepared to settle with some sort of a compromise - one particular thing might be all right, the other just no as good. So you´ll have to live with such ´a relative balance´. But not so with LT15.  The sawmill has proved to be a very well-balanced combination of ease, speed, accuracy and safety of handling, all of which make it a most trustworthy tool for reaching the results and standards you want, the outstanding finish you want. Any builder, I think, would therefore hold such a competence and performance in quite a high regard."



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