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Articles & Stories

Sawing Lumber for Cabins in Michigan

Steve Kesti, the owner of Backwoods Lumber company located in Michigan, recalls first becoming interested in woodworking as far back as childhood. “Ever since I was a kid, I...

How to build a magic sleigh for Santa Claus

Spoiler: it took a burst of creativity, a Wood-Mizer mobile sawmill, poplar wood and a bit of magic 😊 With the combination of being a woodworker and owning a Wood-Mizer...

Fascinating Project with a Sawmill: Mulberry Chapel Built on Farm...

For the past 20 years, George Coker has been dreaming and planning the perfect addition to his farm in Carnesville, Georgia. Building a chapel on the land would provide the...

Mesquite Treehouse Milled and Made in Southern Arizona

Arthur and Valerie Flores of Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill in southern Arizona milled and made a unique mesquite treehouse with their Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

The Emerging Economy of Urban Wood

By sawing urban wood with a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill, Megan Offner and New York Heartwoods are reducing wood disposal expenses, redirecting material from the waste stream,...

Building Wooden Toy Cars for 'Operation Christmas Child' in the USA

Ken Postema, My Wood-Mizer Project Contest award-winner and woodworker from Michigan, USA uses his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill and planer/moulder to build tens of thousands of...

American home of dream

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! This is what Mack Lowery did.  After his home burned down in a massive fire, Mack Lowery used 50 ha of woodland property to...

Model T Ford Club Creates Vintage Ash Wood Garage

Dan Conder kept the timeless history of Richmond, Indiana alive when he helped to build a vintage ash wood garage for the Model T Ford Club of America.

Mobile solar kiln protects lumber from insects and water damage

A homesteader Nathan Brown from North Carolina, USA, was tired of powder-post beetles destroying the lumber he laid out to air dry, so he decided to build a solar kiln.

The Building of Noah’s Ark

One of Wood-Mizer’s smallest sawmills was used to cut 50% of the timber for the world’s largest freestanding timber frame structure – a Biblically-sized reconstruction of...


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