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Articles & Stories

Learning Woodworking with Wood-Mizer in Sweden

"The best thing about working with wood is that you never get fully trained. You always have some issues even if you have worked for a long time. Let's say you're making a...

Swedish Homestead: How to Harvest Dead Trees

How should you manage your forest? Simeon Fuchs discusses the benefits of harvesting dead trees and his philosophy of environmental stewardship vs. abandonment.

Swedish Homestead: How to Sawmill a Log from Start to Finish

Simeon Fuchs and his father, Helmut,  are experts in operating their fifteen-year-old LT40 Hydraulic sawmill. “We want to demonstrate how to mill a log from the first cut...

Swedish Homestead: How to Manage a Forest

Simeon Fuchs and his brother, Swedish farmers, tell us how they manage their woods, what principles underlie the thinning of the forest, and how they produce firewood from the...

Swedish Homestead: How to Operate a Successful Sawmill

We continue to share the Swedish Homestead video series telling about modern farm life. Helmut Fuchs, the founder of Swedish Homestead, shares how hard work made his LT40...

Swedish Homestead: How to Afford Your Dream Sawmill

Simeon Fuchs demonstrates how a Wood-Mizer LT40 mills a log from start to finish.

Zero waste with wood for Swedish woodworker

Michael Frisk from Sweden relates how his wood business generates zero waste as he logs his own forest, saws his own logs, and produces final flooring products in his workshop.

Crafting custom wood floors is a creative outlet for Swedish...

Nils Ohlin works as a project manager full time, but at home, he’s also managing a growing business producing premium custom wood floors.


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Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

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