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Articles & Stories

Dutch builder constructs timber frame building for parties and...

Richard Mulder from Groningen, Netherlands cut his own timber in order to build a building for his wife’s business to host parties and weddings.

Dutch farmer uses LT15 sawmill to build a new barn

“Because of the sawmill, it was possible for the people to be involved in the building of the barn,” Floris shared. “We built the barn ‘around the sawmill’!”

Dutch timber framer uses LT15 sawmill for projects

Theo Tijsma from Noardburgum, Netherlands uses his LT15 sawmill to support his sawmill and construction business.

Dutch woodworker builds timber frames with LT70

Dirk Jansen’s workshop is a woodworker’s paradise. If he can imagine it, he can build it, right in his own workshop with his own hands, and using his impressive...


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