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Articles & Stories

Sustainable Forest Management for Local Communities in Italy

For the past 20 years, the Alta Val di Suza Forestry Consortium of Turin, Italy, has relied on Wood-Mizer sawmills to achieve two goals of sustainable forest management -...

From Wildfires to Economic Revival: How a Wood-Mizer Sawmill...

Four years after the wildfires in the Val di Susa valley on the border between Italy and France, local cooperative La Foresta heals forest wounds by adding value to wood in all...

An Italian family keeps their woodworking business alive in the Alps

A family of Alpine Italian woodworkers is among the 10% of local wood businesses that survived the crisis. Find out how they did it.

Brothers Operate a Mobile Sawmill Business in Northern Italy’s...

Brothers Sergio and Bruno Geronazzo have managed to uncover a unique business opportunity in their local area: using a mobile sawmill to help those who must mill timber in...

How an Italian woodworker profits more from every log

In Northern Italy, Marco Marcante says he is able to quadrupule the value of his raw logs by processing them into custom timber with his Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill.

Italian woodworker uses his own trees in his workshop

“More than 90% of the wood I use is from my land. Using my wood can cut costs by almost 40%.” Silvano Caeglia, 1st place winner in the Furniture category in Wood-Mizer’s 2015...

LT40 enables pallet production for Italian fertilizer company

An Italian fertilizer company incorporated a Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill in order to produce pallets to suit their specific requirements, not realising at first the various ways...

Italian family firewood business boosts profits with LT70 sawmill

Stefano Chini has expanded the firewood business his grandfather started by adding an LT70 sawmill in order to create a better business for the future.


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