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Articles & Stories

Two German Carpenters Set Up a Workshop for Wooden Furniture Design

When Heiner Schäfers and Aron Keidel, two woodworking enthusiasts, met at the master carpentry school in Germany, a parade of great ideas has begun. They started working...

Woman-Owned Contract Sawmilling in Germany

Bad Berka is a small health resort in the German region of Thuringia. Here we meet Sandra Eule, one of very few Wood-Mizer 'female' contract sawmills in Germany.

Traditional bells sound better thanks to oak yokes and belfries

How to get the best sound out of a church bell? German experts with 300-year of experience claim it takes great skill and something more - a yoke from oak wood!

Forest Owners Sawing Beetle-Kill and Windfall Logs to Add Value

Need to clear the forest after a windfall? Are there trees affected by the bark beetle? One profitable solution is to saw damaged logs into more valuable lumber for homesteads...

Wood-Mizer Sawmill Cuts 2,000-Year-Old Bog Oak in Germany

After two thousand years under water, an oak trunk from the Elbe River in Germany was sawn, dried, and turned into valuable material that will last for centuries.

Old Carpentry Workshop in Germany Upgraded

Wood-Mizer's MP360 planer/moulder improves speed and accuracy in a German carpentry workshop that is steeped in history.  

Mobile house built by German sawmiller

Norbert Grabinger from Steinberg am See, Germany built this mobile house with larch and pine cut on his LT15 sawmill.

German carpenter completes project by cutting oak on LT10

Marc Siepker from Lengerich, Germany used his LT10 sawmill to cut the oak needed for this Tudor style house project.

German logger expands into sawmilling with LT15

Visit a small German fencing company - MR Holz - and find out how they diversified their logging company into a wider range of products and services with an LT15 sawmill.

German estate revitalised with additon of an LT20B

The LT20B sawmill was intended to solely serve their own needs, but a year later, fifty per cent of its time is taken up with sawing timbers for customers.


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Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

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