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Do you own a Wood-Mizer sawmill? Did you build a project with your own wood? You can submit your project to our contest. You can win prizes and recognition for your work! 

The contest is open from 1 January, 2017 until 29 September, 2017. The winners will be announced in November 2017.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd awards for each category – Furniture, Buildings, and Other Projects.
 • 1st  – 700€ *
 • 2nd – 500€ *
 • 3rd  – 300€ *
* Awards are given as credit toward future purchases from Wood-Mizer. The award amount can be used toward the purchase of any Wood-Mizer products, parts, or services. Credits have no cash value, credits are valued in euro, and credits are only valid for one year.

Each winner will also receive a Wood-Mizer watch, a small Wood-Mizer sawmill replica, and a winner plaque. 

 • Please fill out all required fields.
 • Make sure your contact details are correct.
 • Write as much information as possible about your project. So the judges can score your project fairly.
 • You can submit up to three projects


 • Make sure that your photos are high resolution.
 • If you have additional photos of the project, you can send them to us by email.

Rules and Conditions

“My Project”
Competition Rules

  1. Organizer
    The Organizer of “My Project” Competition is Wood-Mizer Industries Sp. z o.o., with the seat at ul. Nagórna 114, 62-600 Koło (hereinafter referred to as “the Organizer”). The competition shall be organized on conditions specified in the present regulations (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”) and in accordance with the commonly binding regulations of law. The regulations of the Competition are available in the Organizer’s seat as well at:

  2. Aim of the competition
    The aim of the Competition is presenting the most interesting projects made of wood. Wood-Mizer sawmills, which are operating around the world, are used for the production of interesting things, and this competition is a perfect opportunity to present various object conjured up of wood. Wood-Mizer clients who have made the project they are proud of have the possibility to present their project in the Competition.

  3. Competitors
    All Wood-Mizer clients, from all European countries, who produce things from wood may take part in the Competition. They can be both amateurs as well as professionals (hereinafter referred to as “the Competitor”).

  4. Conditions of taking part in the Competition, schedule
    The Competition lasts from January, 1st 2017 to 29th September 2017 In order to take part in the Competition it is required to:
    1. fill in an application form (downloaded from,
    2. accept the conditions of participation in the Competition (“Competitor’s Statement” found at the Competition website).

    Projects may only be sent by a Competitor who has fulfilled all aforementioned formal requirements. Projects which have been published at the Organizer’s website until the deadline specified in the Regulations, which is until September 29th 2017 (including) at the latest, may take part in the Competition. Sending photos of the project is possible only via “My Project” module available at: By publishing the photo (or photos) of the project in the Competition the Competitor confirms that s/he has read the Regulations and accepts its stipulations.

  5. Publication requirements
    One Competitor may publish maximum three different projects. The Competitor decides about the number of published photos connected with a particular project. A photo of the competitor, and a photo of the competitor's sawmill is required for submission. In case of publishing a higher number of projects by one Competitor, a commission including Wood-Mizer Sales Manager, Wood-Mizer PR Specialist and Wood-Mizer Marketing Department Coordinator shall make an initial analysis of sent projects and accept three (3) of them that they deem most interesting from the Organizer’s point of view. Having published the Competition projects the Competitor may not, even though the term of the Competition has not finished, change his/her photos of the project already published.

  6. Final and adjudication of the Competition
    Announcing the winners of the Competition will take place on 24th November 2017.

    Assessment of the sent works and the verdict will be given by a jury in the following line-up:
    • Especially selected team of Wood-Mizer employees.

    The jury will choose three best projects in each of the three categories:
    - Furniture
    - Building structures
    - other projects
    and shall put them in an order starting from the 1st to the 3rd place. The jury’s verdict shall be final.

    Announcement of the results will take place on 24th November 2017 by publishing them on the Organizer’s website:

    Winners of the Competition shall be notified about their win by an e-mail and/or a registered letter sent within 30 days from the end of the Competition. Information will be sent to the address provided in the application form. Shall the winner fail to provide contact information, the jury shall have the right – at its sole discretion – either to choose another winner or ask the winner to provide his/her contact information by publishing the awarded project at the website and asking the author to contact the Organizer. Shall the author of such published project fail to contact the Organizer within the following three working days from the date of publishing the information on the Internet, the Organizer shall choose another winner.

    The Organizer reserves the right to use the awarded photos in its advertising campaigns and/or advertising materials without the need to remunerate their author. However, the Organizer shall have no obligation to use the photos.

  7. Awards
    The awards in the Competition are Vouchers which are given as a shopping credit in the company Wood-Mizer, in its branches and at its representatives. The amount of the award may be used for a purchase of any Wood-Mizer product, part or service. Vouchers are issued by name, in euro, and may not be exchanged to cash or transferred to another person. Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of their issuing.

    1, 2 and 3 place shall be awarded in each of the three categories of projects – Furniture, Building structures and other projects. Vouchers for respective places are the following:
    – 1 prize – 700 EUR
    – 2 prize – 500 EUR
    – 3 prize – 300 EUR
    Projects of the Competition winners shall be additionally awarded with Wood-Mizer gadgets and published at the Organizer’s website and Facebook social media.

  8. Additional stipulations
    By entering the Competition the Competitor states that the submitted project does not infringe upon third parties’ rights.
    Responsibility for infringing upon third parties’ rights to the project and photos published in the Competition shall be solely upon the Competitor.
    The Organizer of the Competition reserves the right to use sent projects photos (also those which have not been awarded) in its publications and/or promotional actions.
    The Competitor shall not be entitled to any remuneration by means of using his/her photos by the Organizer to which every Competitor agrees by entering for the Competition.
    Sent projects photos shall become the property of the Organizer.

    By sending the works to the Competition the Competitor shall transfer to the Organizer, free of charge and unlimited in time and space, copyrights and derivative rights to his/her photos in all fields of exploitation known to Polish Law on the day of sending the photos. This shall apply in particular:
    1. marketing authorization for copies of reproduced photos in any form, among other things, although not exclusively in print and/or CD-ROM;
    2. entering photos in whole or in part into computer memory and making them publically available in such a way that everyone may have access to them in any time and place (including the Internet);
    3. using the whole or parts of photos in Organizer’s information and promotional materials, printed and electronic (including the Internet ones).

    The Competitor shall be obliged, irrevocably, unconditionally and at first request to release the Organizer in whole from any responsibility which would be imposed on him, even if by an appealable sentence, by means of infringing in the photos and/or in connection with photos upon third parties’ rights, including moral rights or copyrights.

    The Organizer shall not reimburse the Competitors with any costs connected with their participation in the Competition.

  9. Complaint procedure
    The complaint procedure shall not be applicable to the jury’s verdict which is an expression of subjective assessment of published projects photos, by the members of the jury.
    Each Competitor shall have the right to lodge a complaint in case of not qualifying the project to the Competition or excluding a Competitor from the Competition by the Organizer.
    A Competitor who shall have reservations about not being qualified for the Competition or about being excluded from the Competition, also due to the course of the Competition, causing, in his/her opinion infringement upon the binding regulations of law, including the present Regulations, may report those stipulations in writing by an electronic mail (sending an e-mail with a read receipt) or by surface mail (registered letter) within 3 (three) days from the day of receiving information about not being qualified for the Competition or being excluded from taking part in the Competition, under the pain of rejecting the complaint, and also in case of finding irregularities by the Competitor, however not later than within two weeks from the day of publishing the Competition results at the or: Marketing Department, Wood-Mizer Industries, Sp. z o.o., ul. Nagórna 114, 62-600 Koło.
    The complaint shall be investigated by the Supervising Board within ten days from the day of receiving the complaint by the Organizer. The person reporting irregularities shall be notified about the result of the complaint procedure by a registered letter sent to the address indicated in the complaint letter.

    The following Supervising Board shall oversee the course of the Competition:
    - Robert Bagiński – Vice-President of the Board of Management of Wood-Mizer Industries, Sp. z o.o. in Koło,
    - mec. Ryszard Bednarowski – legal adviser.

  10. Final stipulations
    The Organizer shall be entitled to amend the stipulations of the present Regulations.

    The Organizer may, at any time, cancel the Competition and not adjudicate it without providing any reasons.

    Taking part in the Competition is voluntary.

    The Competitor shall give his/her permission to collect and process their personal data by the Organizer for the purposes of the Competition. The Competitors shall have the right to access their personal data and to amend them.

    In cases not regulated by the present Regulations, commonly binding regulations of law shall be applicable, in particular the regulations of the Civil Code as well as the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of 4 February 1994 (Official Polish Journal of Laws of 2000, No 80, item 904, as amended).