UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with Wood-Mizer’s new woodworking equipment

Wood-Mizer is proud to now offer a workshop range of planers / moulders for anyone making finished lumber, in addition to the legendary line of sawmills that have enabled people to process logs into lumber for more than 35 years.

This range of moulders / planers is not a new development. The original Swedish company that produces them is now a part of the Wood-Mizer family and they have been producing these machines for more than 20 years in Sweden.

The machine models offered through Wood-Mizer have been sold under a variety of other brands and logos over the years, which means these machines are known, tested, and proven throughout the world. Wood-Mizer is excited to build on that legacy in order to supply woodworkers with the tools they require.

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Planer / Moulders

MP260 Planer / Moulder

Four-sided Moulder and Planer for full flexibility to produce finished timber


4-sided planing and profiling in one pass.
• Large 4-sided cutting capacity - 260 mm wide x 100 mm high.
• Easy to adjust, handle and use on a daily basis.

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MP360 Planer / Moulder

High Production Four-sided Moulder and Planer for full flexibility to produce finished timber


4-sided planing and profiling in one pass.
• Large 4-sided cutting capacity - 350 mm wide x 160 mm high.
• Driven by 5 separate motors.

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Why is Wood-Mizer introducing Planer / Moulders?

From sawmills, resaws, and board edgers to log splitters and kilns, Wood-Mizer is committed to giving you everything you need to work with wood. For more than 35 years, our sawmill customers have shared amazing finished homes and furniture they have built with lumber milled on their Wood-Mizer sawmills and supporting woodworking equipment. With the addition of planer / moulders, Wood-Mizer now offers our customers a more complete and growing range of equipment that can seamlessly convert logs into finished wood products From Forest to Final Form®.

Where are Wood-Mizer Planer / Moulders manufactured?

Wood-Mizer Planer / Moulders are made in Sweden by a dedicated team who has designed and manufactured the popular range of woodworking machinery sold under a variety of brands for more than 25 years. The founder, owner, and engineer of these machines, Bo Mårtensson, has joined Wood-Mizer as the General Director of the factory in Ostersund, Sweden adding to Wood-Mizer’s growing manufacturing plants throughout the world.

How do Wood-Mizer Planer / Moulders compare to other popular brands?

Wood-Mizer is proud to offer planer / moulders that have been tried, tested, and proven in workshops throughout the world for more than 25 years. The machines are well-known in the industry and are used by many of our sawmill customers to add value to their rough sawn boards. Today, the same machines are manufactured by the same company in the same facility in Sweden that is now owned by Wood-Mizer. Since Wood-Mizer manufactures their own planer/moulders, customers receive factory-direct pricing along with the same legendary service, quality, and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.

What kind of maintenance is required?

With a 30-day money back guarantee and 2 year warranty, Wood-Mizer Planer / Moulders are built to last with heavy duty cast-iron, tables, durable sheet steel chassis, and premium quality components to minimize maintenance requirements. Parts and service are available through the Wood-Mizer worldwide distribution network.

What are the installation requirements?

Power - 3-phase or single-phase power connection at 16A, 400-415V or 230V Chip Extractor - An extraction system is needed to keep chips from building up in the machine. Wood-Mizer provides multiple chip extraction systems depending on your operation needs. Knives - Four sets of planing knives are included with each machine. Wood-Mizer also offers a range of moulding knives to produce the exact product you need for your project or client.