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HR110 Efficient, and at a good price


The HR110 resaw is our proposal for all those customers who seek an efficient machine at a good price. The HR110 resaw is equipped with a 5.5 kW electric motor. In contrast to other solutions in this segment, HR110 can cut material up to 400 mm wide.The thickness of the last board is 6 mm.

The tilting head system (0° to 8°) allows you to cut shingles, lap siding, split rails and many other products.





 5,5 kW Electric motor

Accurate and quick
Head Adjustment

Head tilting system

Angled Cuts


Performance Specifications HR110
Minimum cant width 50 mm
Maximum cant width 400 mm
Minimum cant height 10mm
Minimum material lenght 700 mm
Maximum material length Not limited.
(Additional support tables must be added for longer material.)
Minimum cutting height 6 mm
Maximum cutting height 280 mm (front roller only)
180 mm (with additional back roller)
Power Feed

Tilt angle

0° - 8°
Power electric 5,5 kW


6 kW;
400 VAC; 50Hz
460VAC; 60Hz

HR110 is recommended for cutting softwoods.