WB2000 wideband sawmill updated in two versions

Friday, May 5, 2017

WB2000 wideband sawmill updated in two versions

 In 2016, Wood-Mizer’s new WB2000 wideband sawmill was successfully installed on six continents. In 2017, the sawmill is now available in two versions (PRO and ECONOMIC), has a new look, and has been added to Wood-Mizer’s recently acquired wideband TITAN sawmilling range.


The new PRO and EC versions expand the versatility and affordability of the sawmill to meet the varying needs of sawmilling companies around the world. The WB2000 can be used as the primary log breakdown sawmill, or in addition to existing equipment in order to process irregular logs and custom orders more efficiently. Due to the variety of hydraulic packages and bed lengths, the sawmill is very versatile and can saw large diameter softwood, hardwood and tropical logs from 2.4 m to 12 m in length.

The WB2000 features heavy-duty construction, low maintenance requirements, and efficient operation. The WB2000 uses wideband 75 mm blades or 100 mm stellite-tipped blades. When using 75 mm blades the sawmill is especially cost-efficient in terms of blade maintenance costs.

The heavy-duty bed has a log capacity of up to 6 tonnes. All hydraulic log handling functions - such as the log clamps, chain turners, power rollers, side supports and hold-down clamps - are modular, and can be moved to different positions on the bed as needed. Various hydraulic packages with different strengths are available.

To ensure the best visibility of the cutting and log handling processes, the WB2000 is equipped with a video monitoring system (two cameras are included standard on sawmills sold in CE-regions). Up to four cameras can be mounted on the sawmill, and the video feeds are viewed on a display screen at the Operator Station. This makes it possible for the operator to observe the entire cutting process.

WB20000 PRO

The PRO version of the sawmill uses an automatic PLC setworks system. The 12-inch touch-screen displays various parameters such as the dimensions of the material, current head height, feed position and main engine power consumption. To adjust these parameters, the operator simply has to use the touch screen to enter new settings.

The raised platform includes an operator’s chair and two joystick controls. An air-conditioned operator’s cabin is available as an option.

WB2000 EC

The EC version uses a 5.7-inch touch-screen with the latest version of the SW PLC3 Setworks system. The operator station is equipped with an integrated control panel. All head functions are controlled with by the operator, and hydraulic functions are adjusted with levels.

General Specifications

  • 30 or 37 kW Electric Motor
  • 900 mm maximum cut width
  • 6 tonnes maximum log weight



  • Automatic Blade Lubrication
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension System with a pressure accumulator
  • Operator’s Station
  • Setworks
  • Camera monitoring System (2 cameras included standard in CE regions)
  • Board Removal System
  • Chain Log Turner
  • Log Clamp
  • Power Roller
  • Side supports



  • Adjustable Blade speed
  • Debarker
  • LaserSight
  • Additional cameras
  • Bigger Hydraulic pump
  • Hold Down Clamp
  • Bed Extensions
  • Belt-conveyor
  • Air-conditioned operator’s cab (PRO)




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