Friday, May 5, 2017

LX450 Twin-Rail Sawmill released

Wood-Mizer’s sawmill range has continually expanded over the decades, but Wood-Mizer’s new LX450 sawmill offers a completely redesigned sawmill that has never been available from the company before. The release of the LX450 makes Wood-Mizer the first and only sawmill manufacturer to give sawyers the option between a monorail or twin-rail sawmill in order to accommodate various sawing applications and preferences.


Featuring many of the same benefits of the world renowned Wood-Mizer LT sawmill series, the new LX450 sawmill expands the available cutting width capacity on a professional Wood-Mizer sawmill to 86 cm, and expands the depth of cut to 41 cm.


“Wood-Mizer has long been the only sawmill manufacturer of the monorail cantilever design, holding several patents on this technology and trusted by 70,000 sawmillers throughout the world,” said Robert Baginski, COO of Wood-Mizer Industries in Europe. “Every sawyer has different needs and preferences which led to the addition of the LX sawmill series. You can now own an LT series monorail or LX series twin-rail sawmill and receive the best support in the industry enjoyed by Wood-Mizer sawmill owners throughout the past 35 years.”


A key innovation of the Wood-Mizer LX450 sawmill is the rigid LX Frame sawhead tower that holds the control panel, engine, and the sawmill head. Designed to accommodate a larger width and depth of cut, the LX Frame travels on parallel hardened steel bars on the bed and allows the operator to have better visibility during the cutting process.


Standard features for the LX450 sawmill include power feed, power up/down, hydraulic log handling with a bi-directional chain log turner, a walk along operator control console with SimpleSet Setworks, six heavy-duty fine adjustment outriggers, powered blade guide arm, hydraulic blade tensioning system, blade lubrication, roller blade guides, and an auto-clutch. Optional features include Debarker, dragback board return.


The Wood-Mizer LX450 Twin-Rail Sawmill is debuting in Europe at LIGNA 2017 in Hanover, Germany. It will be available in Summer 2017.

LX450 Sawmill Specifications

  • Power Options - 15, 18.5 kW electric motors
  • 92 cm diameter x  6.4 m length
  • 86 cm width of cut and 41 cm depth of cut


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