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Slovakian sawmiller builds ‘fairy tale’ cabin for local kindergarten

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slovakian sawmiller builds ‘fairy tale’ cabin for local kindergarten

“A kindergarten needed a small house built for their kids. So this was my present to the school. To me and the people involved, it was a very important project, and so I tried to make it look like a small house from a fairy tale.”

“I knew that with the Wood-Mizer and some hard work, I could finish this project. I needed different sized planks for the roof, the walls, and the structure. Having the Wood-Mizer sawmill accelerated the whole process of material preparation, and I saved a lot of money.”

“My wife and two children helped me. We worked on the project for three weeks, and it was finished on 20.08.2015.”

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Michal uses the LT40 sawmill to support his fulltime carpentry business. He says that it was a very good investment which has allowed him to stay competitive.

“Wood-Mizer is a professional sawmill – the ‘Mercedes’ of sawmills! I have an older model, but I’m satisfied with it. My dream is to own a new hydraulic LT40 or LT70.”

Michal also entered a bed into Wood-Mizer’s 2015 My Project contest, and won third place in the category for Furniture projects. His sister was wanting to get a new bed, and so they looked around online for some ideas for a design. When they decided what they liked, Michal drew up the plans himself.

“I like simple design, and I think this bed nicely demonstrates that. I have a lot of projects where I need to use wood from a specific kind of tree. So I really need the sawmill for all my projects.”

Michal’s business began with furniture production, and has expanded into other products like wooden doors and offering timber for sale.

When asked how much money he has saved by using a sawmill to cut his timber, he answers, “Ha! A lot of money. A lot!”




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